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Shona originally founded PaintStock in 2019 when she had the idea to bring painters together to meet, greet and learn about products, but more importantly to build relationships with people from across the UK.

PaintStock has evolved and developed since then and in 2022 she looks forward to celebrating the Painting Industry and all of its achievements in the last 2 years.

Shona has her own multi award winning furniture refinishing business- Made by Murphy, established in January 2018.

Made by Murphy specialises in high end drinks cabinets, but also offers original art, fabrics and has a collaborative stencil line with Stencil Up.

Made by Murphy has been an associate member of The House of Upcycling, the UK and Ireland’s leading independent authority on professional upcycling since 2019.

Shona is passionate about building relationships with other businesses  across the UK and is a strong believer in "community over competition".



Kim is new to the PaintStock team, joining in 2021, but hopes to bring some of her experience from her previous life organising large events within the education sector.  PaintStock, for Kim is the ultimate coming together of industry participants as a community, promoting the importance of building relationships, in what can be an isolating profession.

Kim established Kimteriors in 2018, fast forward to February 2020 and Kim left her position in education and went full time in her own now established and recognised furniture refinishing business.


Within a month Covid had arrived and shut down the UK, not what was in the business plan. In October 2020 after months of isolation from her normal social circles and without the real opportunity to meet other furniture refinishers she joined the Made by Murphy Members. The true value of comradeship within the industry was realised and now having the support of 90 other members from across the globe, she has likeminded people to talk to, peers to ask advice on and true friends to become her soundboards. Covid encouraged her to work harder than ever and her business has flourished to what it is now.

Kim is driven to promote the industry and elevate it to beyond the view of what we do is simple and for people, young and old entering the workplace or revaluating their career choices to know that being successful isn’t just training to be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher, but about doing something you are passionate about.

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